To help you learn how to relax, we have several tools available - including breathing exercises and meditation.

The act of breathing is semi-conscious - despite our ability to control it, we are often unaware of it or don't give it a second thought. If we can learn to breathe consciously we will be able to positively influence different bodily systems that operate when we are anxious. The techniques taught on this site show how to breathe in a way that helps us to relax in stressful situations.

Meditation is a tool that can help control the various signs of anxiety effectively. Performing a stress reduction meditation does not require special knowledge or expertise, just follow these instructions.

This site was created by a team of social workers, psychologists and psychiatrists to provide accessible help to people experiencing emotional distress as a result of the world Coronavirus crisis.  In order for us to know if the site is effective for you, we ask that you complete a brief survey for research purposes.