Support, over the phone or the Internet


If you are experiencing significant mental distress, it is important to seek professional help in order to receive personal attention. Recently, a number of call centers staffed by professionals have been opened:

  • The Eran Foundation (Mental First Aid) opened a hot line with the Israeli Coalition to provide emotional response to those in need. The hotline is available on telephone number: 1201, extension 6. Eran also offers online support.

  • All Kupot Holim offer a call center that provides mental support by nurses, social workers and psychologists:

  • Clalit Call Center - Phone * 2700. Hours of operation: Weekdays and weekends: 8 pm-8pm.

  • Maccabi hotline - 1700-50-53-53, *3555 

  • Meuchedet Center - *3833 

  • Leumit Call Center - 1700-507-507, *507 

  • NATAL (victims of national trauma) also opened a special line for regarding Corona, phone 073-2363380, the line will be open Sunday to Thursday, from 12:00-22:00

  • The Ministry of Education has an open line for parents and students to help with stress and distress at 1800-250-025

  • The Ministry of Health can be contacted for counseling and counseling in the light of the Corona telephone * 5400

  • Online therapy option:

  • In emergencies, you can contact MDA on telephone 101

This site was created by a team of social workers, psychologists and psychiatrists to provide accessible help to people experiencing emotional distress as a result of the world Coronavirus crisis.  In order for us to know if the site is effective for you, we ask that you complete a brief survey for research purposes.