Thoughts and anxiety

Thinking biases

Examples of thinking biases

1. Predicting the future - you know what's going to happen and it's bad.

2. "All or nothing" - a tendency to measure anything on an extreme arbitrary scale. Also called "black or white" thinking. Contrary to this way of thinking, life is generally not completely prone to one side or the other.

3. Mind Reading - You know what others think about you without having checked. How? You are not a mind reader!

4. Disqualifying the positive - the ability to turn neutral or positive experiences into negative.

5. Emotional Thinking - Emotions are proof of reality. I "feel" and so it must be "true".

6. 'Should', 'Must', 'Don't' - he should, I must, don't do that!. What are these rules based on?

7. Taking things personally - assuming responsibility for something that isn't your fault.

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