Cognitive change

Connection between events, thoughts and reactions (emotions & behaviours)

You can learn about the relationship between an event and our thoughts and reactions with the following example:

You are in bed late at night when suddenly you hear shattering glass.


Imagine that you think someone broke into your home.

  • How do you feel? Probably scared ...

  • What would you do? Lie quietly under the blanket, run away? Look for the armed intruder?


Now imagine that you think your cat knocked a glass off the counter.

  • How do you feel now? You are likely to be upset or frustrated but probably a little less scared and even feel a little relieved, no thieves at home ...

  • What would you do?  Check that the cat is fine, sweep up the pieces and go back to sleep ...


What we have seen here is that there is a mutual connection between our thoughts and our behaviors and emotions. When we think in a certain way our emotions and behaviors are affected and vice versa: when we act or feel in a certain way our thoughts will also be affected.


📥 To practice identifying the relationship between events, thoughts and reactions (emotion and behavior)


On the next page you will learn how our thoughts also play an important role in the context of anxiety from the corona virus

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