Instructions for practicing breathing training

  1. Begin by placing one hand on your abdomen and the second on your chest.

  2. Then inhale through your nose, breathing normally.
    Feel how your abdomen swells a little as you breathe in (it's important to feel your abdomen swell - and not your chest).

  3. Now exhale slowly.
    You can also use a soothing word of your choice that can be said while exhaling (for example - C-A-L-M).

  4. Hold your breath and count to five and inhale again.

  5. Practice it for as long as is necessary.

It is important to emphasize that, as is the case with every new tool, this technique needs to be practiced - it will not have an immediate impact, like a magic trick.  It is recommended to practice this technique for 5 minutes twice a day when not feeling anxiety, so that the technique is easier to use in situations of anxiety.     

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