Are you Self-Isolating? Have you been diagnosed with Coronavirus?

A Professional Emotional Support Site for the Coronavirus Crisis

As a result of the Coronavirus world crisis it is natural to experience feelings of tension, uncertainty and distress.  This site has been established by mental health professionals to provide simple efficient tools for coping with these feelings.

The methods offered here are accepted by mental health professionals, but the site is not research proven.  We have opened the site to the general public in order to help cope with the current situation.  The site is open to all –  but we ask that you complete a brief survey so that we can evaluate whether the site is effective.

Currently many people are experiencing different degrees of worry, varying from minor pressure to high levels of fear and even panic attacks.  It’s important to understand that a certain degree of concern and stress is natural and helps avoid danger. For example, in the context of the Coronavirus, worry causes many people to be careful about their exposure to sick individuals and  to be scrupulous in maintaining hygiene and social distancing. This is a healthy and important way of helping the struggle against the spread of the virus and advancing prevention.

When the level of worry increases and becomes fear, it is harmful to the individual and their personal welfare, compromising behavior and decision making.  The fear becomes ‘contagious’ and impacts the people around you.  In these situations, intervention is desirable to regulate the level of worry.  The good news is that there are ways to do this and even if only partially successful, it is greatly beneficial in reducing anxiety.  We have assembled a number of guidelines to help you get through this difficult period and to reduce levels of stress.  Even if you only use some of the recommendations, even partially, a little is better than nothing.


This site was created by a team of social workers, psychologists and psychiatrists to provide accessible help to people experiencing emotional distress as a result of the world Coronavirus crisis.  In order for us to know if the site is effective for you, we ask that you complete a brief survey for research purposes.